Zeusch Aviation

Charter Flights

  • Range up to 3300 km
  • Short runway performance
  • All-terrain airfields
  • Seating up to 8 passengers
  • Cruising speed of 500 km/h

Charter Flights

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Fractional Ownership

Zeusch Aviation is soon to be among the first companies to offer fractional ownership in The Netherlands, allowing you to purchase equity in our King Air C90A's and B200.

With fractional ownership, you get the benefits of owning an aircraft without the challenge that comes with managing it. Owners will have portal access allowing them to view availability of the aircraft and to schedule flights using a real-time system developed by Schedaero. Then we handle every trip detail, from catering to maintenance.

A unique feature of our program is that the pilots and crew are all Zeusch employees. You get the same aircraft, same staff and a team operating to the same high standards, every time you fly. The benefit is consistency, trust and familiarity – just as if you bought your own aircraft.

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