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Piloot en Vliegtuig Magazine

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Click here to read the full article in Piloot en Vliegtuig (Dutch).      …

Zeusch Aviation new NIDV member

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Click here for the article on the NIDV website (Dutch).  

Zeusch Aviation bolsters Medevac expertise in Spain

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BlueSkye News Zeusch Aviation, the Netherlands-based aerial services provider, has begun dedicated European medevac operations…

Zeusch Aviation launches King Air Medevac in Spain

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Business Air News Zeusch Aviation’s King Air B200 is operating air ambulance flights for IAS…

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We provide a wide variety of professional support services using our King Air C90A and King Air B200 aircrafts. Services offered include broadcast Relay services, Aerial surveillance, Medevac (medical evacuation), Transplant Flights, Grid mapping, and Charter.
With our Fractional Ownership program multiple owners share costs of purchasing, leasing and operating the aircraft.

Relay Flights

Share news and sports updates live from the scene

Our aircrafts are kitted out to provide aerial relay services for both TV and radio broadcasts. Our King Air C90A circles above an event, live images are captured, and an on-board operator sends the footage to the program producer.

Medevac & Transplant Flights

Rapid response saves lives

From the moment an organ is harvested until delivery to a waiting recipient, time is of the essence. Our team can be rapidly deployed to assist with performing this important, life-saving work.

Surveillance Flights

Keep watch

Use our aircraft to monitor a changing situation in real time. Law enforcement officials, weather bureaus, coast guards, and environmental agencies can use our surveillance flights to observe potential criminal activity, monitor major weather events, investigate suspicious activity, or study natural habitats.

Grid Mapping

Collect aerial images to build topographic maps

On-board cameras capture images as the aircraft is flown in a grid pattern over an area. The resulting data are used to generate maps featuring topographic details that builders and other developers use to design layouts of new sites.

Our fleet

Our Beechcraft King Air

Selected for its ability to meet numerous types of mission requirements, our King Air C90A is a flexible platform that allows us to meet a wide variety of client needs.

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