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Relay flights

Sporting events are enjoyed by millions around the world thanks to aerial relay flights. Whether it be a cycle race through different landscapes, a marathon through an iconic city, or a watersport race, the versatility of the King Air C90A enables us to provide a bird’s eye view. Events like the Tour de France or other races can be transmitted live using aircrafts that fly above the event. The aircraft collects data and images which are then sent to broadcast centers. Zeusch Aviation has worked with major broadcast networks to support aerial filming for a variety of events.

Surveillance Flights

Aircraft have long been used to be the eyes of organizations like the military, law enforcement, and other observers of activities on the land and water. Flying eyes are also used around the world to provide up-to-date information on traffic conditions. Our aircraft can be used to provide aerial surveillance flights in support of a variety of authorised missions.

Grid Mapping

Maps are important for organizing, maintaining, and publishing the geospatial baseline of an area’s topography, natural landscape, built environment and more. We can help with your aerial work whether you are a private individual, governmental association or corporate looking to maximize your land. Our missionized aircraft is a platform for accurate data collection for detailed map creation.

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